Thursday, September 3, 2015

BAB Network Alert: Urgent Assistance Needed

Be A Blessing has just learned of two kids who lost their mother unexpectedly today. Every once in a while a story comes along that moves us deeply, and forces us to act. They need our help now.  Please donate to the GoFundMe Campaign for PhillipFobbs and his little sister. At Be A Blessing we believe there is power in small acts of kindness.  Here is the situation:

The world lost a beautiful mom this morning to cancer. Tawana Goldring leaves behind her 19-year-old son Phillip and 13-year-old daughter Ariana. Tawana moved to Florida from Maryland to start a better life for her and her children. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent very aggressive treatment. Not long after, her son Philip was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Tawana began to decline very rapidly, more rapidly than they expected. She passed away suddenly today. The children have a very elderly grandmother and an aunt who lives in Maryland. Neither is in the position to take the children in or help financially. So, Philip just became guardian to his sister (a high school student). Since they did not expect Tawana's rapid decline, there were no arrangements made and they are at a loss tonight and so many things are undetermined. For religious reasons, Tawana cannot be cremated. At this time, the plan is for Philip to move his sister back to Maryland to be near the only family they have. Since this is so very fresh for them, they are still trying to wrap their heads around what has happened. 

Phillip's dance teacher, Vicky Blevins owns Victoria's School of Dance, and she set up the GoFundMe page on his behalf. His dance family is helping in every way they can. Shortly after his diagnosis, this piece was created to show their love and admiration for him.

The local community in Florida is coming together to provide food for the children and raise money to pay their rent for the next couple of months so Phillip can complete his current round of treatment. They will also help to pack and move them when the time comes to depart for Maryland. The financial need is quite large, including medical expenses, rent, repairs to a car, funeral expenses, the cost to transport the casket from FL to MD, travel expenses for the funeral, moving expenses, etc.

This poor young man has lost his mom, is battling his own cancer, and is now responsible for his young sister. Whether you can contribute or not, please say a prayer for these two children as they try to navigate these new waters and for their heartbreak as they woke up this morning with a mom and are going to bed tonight without her.

We thank you in advance for Being A Blessing today. We are stronger together and we can show Phillip and Ariana that they are not alone.

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